Q    What's the best way to take a puff on a HANWA Heat Not Burn stick?

  • AAlthough Darlings Heat Not Burn Heatsticks work well with most main stream electronic heating devices available in the market (IQOS, LIL, Cubic, etc,.), we recommend you to use the devices sold by Darlings Brands to gain best puff experience. For most devices, you will take the first puff after the device finishes the preheating process and vibrates to signal the beginning of puffing. Most smokers take puffs with averaged interval of 5-10 seconds in between puffs.  
  • QHow much nicotine is in a Darlings HNB heatstick?

    ADepending on the requirements of different markets, Darlings Heat Not Burn Heatsticks may contain 0mg to 2mg nicotine per stick. The yield of nicotine into the aerosol per stick is about 50% of the total nicotine contain in the heatstick.
  • QHow do I dispose of a Darlings Heatstick?

    A      Darlings HNB heatsticks are 100% made of biodegradable materials. You can put an used Darlings HNB heatstick into a recycle bin for paper. 
  • QHow long does a heatstick last in use?

    ADepending on the electronic heating device you use, Darlings HNB heatsticks provide 13-15 puffs per stick. If the interval between puff is very long, the total number of puffs per stick may be reduced due to the fact that some electronic heating device will power off after several minutes. 
  • QWhat's the best way to store sticks?

    AWe recommend you store the unopened Darlings heat sticks under room temperature in a dry place. For opened products, we recommend you to use the products within 7 days and try to keep them in a dry place. 
  • QWhat makes Darlings Heat Not Burn products unique?

    A      Due to the much lower heating temperature needed to generate aerosol from its Heat Not Burn heatsticks compared to the combustion temperature of conventional cigarettes, Darlings HNB products create a cleaner solution for both smokers and the surrounding environment exposure. The experience of using Darlings HNB products is unique that it not only resembles the inhale experience of nicotine and smoke through the movement of aerosol primarily comprised of botanical essences, but also limit the harmful substances in the aerosol to a very low level.
  • QWhat are Darlings Heat Not Burn Heatsticks?

    ADarlings Brands provide an alternative to conventional tobacco products with its plant essence based technology. Darlings Heat Not Burn Heatsticks work with electronic heating devices at about 330 degrees Celsius, which is well below combustion temperature of the ingredients. Darlings HNB heatsticks contain a variety of botanical essences including tea polyphenol, flavone,saponin,Linolenic acid oil and folic acid. Nicotine can be contained in the heatsticks depending on the requirements of the market. With its proprietary technology, Darlings Brands reconstruct tea powder into aerosol generating substrate with the best part of the food grade botanical ingredients and nicotine. The substrate generates pleasantly flavored aerosol that fulfills the inhale needs of consumers on nicotine and healthy botanical essences.