These may help you before you contact us.

What does Hanwa Group do?

Hanwa Group is the only private labelling company that consolidated tobacco substrate/recon and HNB sticks in one factory. By cooperating with us, you could swiftly create your own Heat Not Burn brands with competitve design, flavors, delivery and all you need for selling to your region.

What kind of service can Hanwa provide?

Our service covering products personalised design, flavors developing, customs consultation and all you need from sourcing to selling.

Where are our target markets?

We are manufacturing Heat Not Burn IQOS compatible Tobacco and Herbal sticks for clients from all over the world.

How fast can you start to promote your own HNB brands?

By working with us, you can introduce tobacco HNB products into your market for as short as a 45 days period.

How is Hanwa's production capacity?

Our production capacity could reach 10000 master cases per month.

How to order samples? How long will the samples be delivered?

We have mixed carton for you to test all flavors at once. Please contact us to buy sample. Shipping time depends on your region, normally it takes 5~20 days.