Herbal IQOS compatible heatsticks, with nicotine

    Cigarette smoke contains a mix of over 7,000 chemicals, including nicotine. The feeling what most smokers are looking for is from nicotine. Heat Not Burn Heatsticks not only retains the stimulation from nicotine, but also prevent the production of most other harmful substances by low-temperature heating. Heets is a great example for HNB.

    As we all know, there're some popular HNB brands are already widely accepted by consumers including IQOS, Marlboro, HEETS, FIIT and so on. (Heets is a tobacco HNB heatsticks brand)

    Darlings is also find its position with its own technology. In terms of overall taste, the experience of slice substrate HNB is closer to that of HEETS heatsticks with IQOS device, with rich experience. 

    The thickness, width and density of the ordered slices substrate reach the highest level as HEETS HNB Heatsticks. Orderly tobacco successfully evaded Marlboro's HNB related patents, making it unique in the industry. The smoke amount is slightly higher than that of the Marlboro HNB and HEETS HNB. Currently IQOS DUO, IQOS 3.0 , IQOS 3.0 Multi are the models commonly used by customers. Thanks to big amount of smoke , Darlings heatsticks are in perfectly compatible with the temperature curve of IQOS Heating Device. 

    As more people learn about HNB through iqos, heets, etc., it is also a great time for Darlings to reduce harm for more smokers and their families.

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Darlings Heat Not Burn Heatsticks Application Scenes

    IQOS stands 'I Quit Ordinary Smoking'. Take Heets as a example, with IQOS, no tobacco burns so no smoke is produced, the heating of HNB heatsticks with IQOS produces an aerosol that dissipates more quickly. 

    After inserting HNB heatsticks (e.g.:Heets HNB Heatsticks) into the IQOS HNB holder, where it is heated up to 350˚C, you can then draw on it to enjoy the real taste of HNB.

    If you're already a HNB users who get used to iqos, heets and other similar products, Darlings HNB will be a excellent option for you!! Darlings HNB heatsticks are IQOS compatible HNB products with good inhalation experience like heets. 

keywords: HNB, IQOS, HEETS