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Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab

Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab

  • Tuesday, 17 August 2021
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Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 

On a sunny and breezy morning on the beautiful Hainan island, the opening ceremony of Hanwa’s new factory for tobacco heatsticks R&D and manufacturing marked a milestone in the roadmap of the Hanwa Group. The business development department of the local government, the key logistics providers, and the core management team of Hanwa attended the ceremony.

Hanwa Group has built a full function R&D Lab in this facility dedicated to tobacco and herbal heatsticks which represent the future direction of harm reduction tobacco products. This factory also combined all the cutting technologies and equipment developed by the company to produce advanced products that help ordinary smokers to convert to harm reduction solution. Hanwa has promoted its Darlings brands on tobacco and herbal products worldwide.

Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 
Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 

According to an Asian customer, Hanwa’s products provide the same level of performance as other brands such as IQOS in the market. Hanwa’s management expressed their appreciation for customers and government agencies from many countries that have embraced heated tobacco. They mentioned that Hanwa Group is very pleased by the acceptance of the consumers.

Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 
Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 
Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 

Hanwa plan to find more partners worldwide to distribute their tobacco and herbal heatsticks and eventually build joint ventures to produce these products in other countries.
Hainan island of China is a free trade zone that provides the highest level of free trade policies and logistics service via sea or air. The island doesn’t require visa for visitors from many countries and they can stay up to 90 days. The convenience of doing business here is very attractive to companies like Hanwa which interacts with international customers. Hanwa will invest over 20 million US$ on it’s facilities here over the next three years.

Hanwa Opens New Factory Site And R&D Lab 

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  • Posted on Tuesday, 17 August 2021

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  • Posted on Tuesday, 17 August 2021

    iqos heatsticks joined by other brands including Darlings

    The global tobacco industry is undergoing rapid change. .darlings iqos The historically dominant product, combustible cigarettes, is being joined by two rapidly growing alternative nicotine delivery technologies: electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTPs). .darlings iqos 

    The principal difference is that e-cigarettes aerosolize nicotine containing liquid, whereas HTPs utilize a chemically treated rod of shredded tobacco made to smolder by a heating element. These emerging categories are growing rapidly as the sales of traditional cigarettes decline..darlings iqos
        Three major tobacco companies (Philip Morris International, Altria, and JUUL) are collaborating via reciprocal agreements to dominate both the traditional and emerging tobacco products markets. Darlings Iqos. Together they control the world’s leading brands in each of these categories: cigarettes (Marlboro), e-cigarettes (JUUL), and heated tobacco (IQOS). 
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    <a href='https://www.heatsticks.cn/Heat-Not-Burn-Heatsticks-Mint-Flavor-2mg-p3003089.html' target='_blank'><strong>darlings</strong></a> iqos

    Throughout the global marketing of PMI, they states the goal of IQOS is to help adult smokers transition to a less harmful product. “IQOS” is an acronym widely understood to mean “I Quit Ordinary Smoking.” 

    Darlings started their own HNB products from herbal heasticks that offering smokers a brand new option to satisfy their needs. darlings iqos  

    There're 5 main flavors including Mint, Regular, Icy Blue (Blueberry), Icy Brown (Coffee), Forest ( Jasmine Tea). Regarding nicotine, each flavor respectively has 'Nicotine: 0mg' and 'Nicotine: 2mg' versions.

    Let's try it!~

  • Posted on Tuesday, 17 August 2021
    • HNB 

      As a representative of the Heat Not Burn (HNB)industry IQOS has been promoted globally via comprehensive and layered series of campaigns designed to envelope potential customers via multiple media channels, influencers and celebrities, sophisticated retail environments, and numerous hosted events and sponsorships. (HNB Online)  



          There're also some very interesting details of how IQOS establishing their image to consumers. (HNB Online) countertobacco

      Product Name:

          IQOS: “i” as in iPhone/iMac/iPad to connote intelligent.  ( HNB Online )

          Widely believed the initials stand for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking” –company denies.  ( HNB Online )

          “Q” is shaped like a tobacco leaf. (HNB Online)

          The letter Q (quit) permeates IQOS marketing: Qollection, Qreators, Qoins, DISQOVR, Q-Labs.  (HNB Online)

      Social Media:

          Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Youth oriented online communities. Much like traditional tobacco ads: Lifestyle - make IQOS part of everyday life. (HNB Online) Food, coffee & tea, alcohol, social situations, feminine -masculine, romance, sports, technology, pleasure, relaxation, holidays, nature, etc. UCSF

      Establishing health awareness for consumers is a long way, Darlings Heat Not Burn (HNB) will always be with you!


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