heated tobacco heatsticks - a great innovation

heated tobacco heatsticks - a great innovation

  • Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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heated tobacco heatsticks

The latest breakthrough in technology for a new product to help people to quit the smoking habit is the Heat Not Burn Cigarette Tool. heated tobacco cigarette This is an electronic cigarette that can be used to substitute cigarettes completely. It is an electronic device that can be used at the same time as nicotine gum, patches, sprays and inhalers. It is like a patch but allows you to heat up the nicotine present in the cigarette without smoking. It's not like nicotine gum where the flavor stays in the gum but the heat from the cigarette release the flavor right away.

The basic idea behind this new product is to produce heat in the body of the cigarette that mimics the heat source of the burning tobacco. When you smoke a cigarette, your mouth doesn't really get all the heat because it doesn't really use that much heat. The heat produced by the cigarette just dissipates and you are able to maintain your smoking without really feeling any "hitting". When the heated tobacco cigarette tool is used, the heat produced by the cigarette mimics the heat source that real cigarettes produce. The user of the heated tobacco cigarette tool only feels the heat from the cigarette as it goes through the heating element. It also simulates the puffing process so that the smoker is well aware when he/she has finished puffing.

This is a great idea to help smokers beat their smoking addiction. We all know that smoking is bad for us but when we try to fight our addiction with cold turkey, we don't usually last very long. The heat not cigarette Tool actually helps the smoker fight their smoking addiction by giving them a good reason to not enjoy smoking.

If we were to go back in time and to the beginning of the smoking epidemic, we would discover that the main cause for the addiction was the nicotine. Smokers would light up a cigarette and inhale the smoke. That is how addictive nicotine is. But if we can find a way to simulate the heat without actually lighting up a cigarette, the smokers will be able to still enjoy the taste of the cigarette. Heat not Burn is one such product that tries to address this problem.

However, this device doesn't get rid of the smoking addiction. This device is surely a step in the right direction to make smokers reconsider their bad habit.

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