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Use vapes and Marlboro IQOS heets to quit smoking cigarettes

Use vapes and Marlboro IQOS heets to quit smoking cigarettes

  • Thursday, 21 January 2021
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vapes marlboro iqos heets

In comparing Vapes and HNB OEM, the price point gap is quite significant.  While many of the Vapes on the market do not cost much more than a pack of cigarettes, they are nowhere near what iqos cost. If you are looking for an everyday all around smoker that does not take up a lot of space or mess with your electronic device, then the iqos brand is a great option. If you are just looking to give your device a better performance, and are not concerned about sacrificing looks or budget, then Vapes and iqos are both a great match for you.

The difference between Vapes and Marlboro iqos comes down to appearance.While some may find it strange that two devices are essentially the same, if you look at them closely you will notice the huge difference in appearance. The main difference between these two devices is in how the e-juice vapor or smoke comes out of the device. If you compare a iqos smoke source le to that of a Vapes bottle you can see that iqos heating unit have a bit more of a higher quality and come across as a more expensive product.

Both vapes and HNB's are also generally considered to be much safer than traditional smoking. Studies have shown that a vaporizing e-juice is 10 times more effective at delivering nicotine into the bloodstream than a traditional smoking cigarette. This is a huge leap from the one percent chance that a puff of cigarette smoking gives you lung cancer. Since much less harmful substances is entering your body through the smoke from HNB, there is very little of a chance of anything bad happening.

Vapes and HNB's alike have a three year warranty on their devices. While most brands do not offer any type of warranty on their products, the warranty offered by HNB is one of a kind. Most other brands limit the amount of time that their electronic products can be used, but not HNB. 

If you are looking for an all in one cigarette alternative then look towards iqos. They have several different products to choose from, including a device and heatsticks.  If a brand offers you the customer service like this then you know that you are dealing with a credible company.

One last thing to mention about HNB is that they have developed several products specifically to help those who smoke. If you smoke a lot then chances are you don't want to deal with cigarette products at all. When you smoke, your throat can become damaged and as a result you won't be able to smoke cigarettes as well. With HNB, you won't have to deal with these problems because they have developed an electronic puff that allows you to release nicotine slowly so that you don't damage your lungs.

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