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HEETS flavors - are there other choices for flavors?

HEETS flavors - are there other choices for flavors?

  • Sunday, 31 January 2021
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heets flavors

Marlboro or IQOS HEETS provide a range of choices on flavors including menthol, nuts or fruit types. They are good and have a consistent taste of tobacco. This helps smokers switch from regular cigarettes because people are looking for nicotine and a related experience as smoking cigarettes. However, many consumers are also looking for flavors that are sweeter, more fruity or stronger menthol. Some other brands such as Darlings products fulfill such needs.

Darlings debuted their first series - Nature Selections. In this series, you will find Mint, Icy Blue, Icy Brown, Regular and Forest. Mint flavor from Darlings is strong and organic. You will have boost from the icy cool feeling from the first puff and the scent of mint is enduring for the entire puffing process. Icy Blue in fact is a blueberry taste that is rich. Darlings put a slight menthol base for this taste. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the strength of nicotine and flavors even with such a strong fruity scent. Icy brown stands for ice coffee taste in this product series. Coffee taste is a very difficult taste to engineer because it is usually easy to be captured by people around but not the user himself/herself. Darlings ice coffee taste actually solved this problem and does deliver a pleasant coffee scent throughout. Darlings Regular is a tobacco taste. They claim to either use less tobacco or non tobacco in all their products. However, the Regular flavor form Darlings do assemble a nice Virginia tobacco taste but with a lot less impact on the throat. Finally the Forest flavor is an oriental Jasmine floral taste that also give an interesting touch. Natural ingredients in this product series provide different choices for IQOS heasticks users or smokers who prefer tasty flavors. 

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